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10|20 Feature : hanky panky

Welcome to the 10|20 Feature, where we search for the timeless pieces that will last us a lifetime.

Why are they timeless hanky panky has been heading the under wonder comfort for all of the ladies for some time now. the Recently designed soft lace bra has to be one of the most comfortable additions to their arsenal. with the 2″ band lining the bottom with the softest lace, this bra adds is such a wonderful detail if worn with a low tank, it adds just the sweetest touch of ladylike femininity to any out fit.    

Editors Notes : Petra Flannery

There must have been a reason for our love affair with Emma Stone. Along side of her quirky, strong, silly beautiful demure. She is always dressed to perfection, a little tomboy a little gamine but always on point. We don’t think we’ve scene a red carpet look that hasn’t made the best dresses list, and into further investigation we owe our praise and admiration to this woman Petra Flannery. 
Styling clients is anything but an easy task, yet Flannery is able to attach the clients personality to all the looks she is able to create. Referencing old vintage magazines and books for styling inspiration, there is no wonder The Hollywood Reporter put Flannery (along with her client Emma Stone) on the cover of their “25 Most Powerful Stylists” issue.

Designer Find : Rondini Sandals

The Rondini Family has been making the legendary leather sandals in Saint-Tropez since 1927. Inspired by the sun of Capri, exotic India, Egypt, as well as the hot sands of the Sahara desert. These are everything and the only thing you’ve every wanted in a sandal. Flexible, durable, handcrafted, and only found in Saint-Tropez. Plans for a trip are in the making!

10|20 Feature : Matt Bernson

Welcome to the 10|20 Feature, where we search for the timeless pieces that will last us a lifetime.

What it is : Matt Bernson Perf Smoker 
Why are they timeless : Matt Bernson has been making the most beautiful footwear for years, we have fallen in love with some of the oxford designs that are so refreshing for the spring summer months. The perfect shoe for the california casual feel the simple shoe will set the mood for any ensemble.