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10|20 Obsessions : good hYOUman Tees

good hYOUmangood hYOUman is an amazing new line dedicated to keeping the stories of our lives and loved ones with us always.

The good hYOUman brand was started in memory of owner Brett Novek’s father, the man he strives to be, and the man whose memory will never be forgotten.

Each piece was designed with comfort and style in mind, and the graphics that grace each piece give a little piece of mind into what is truly important as we navigate through our lives. “They make you feel good to wear them.”-Renee Thompson

Designer Find : Beatrice Valenzuela

beatricevalenzuelaHurrY Up SUMMER Please!!!

Welcome to the 10|20 Feature, where we search for the timeless pieces that will last us a lifetime.
What it is :  Beatrice Valenzuela
Why are they timeless : Beatrice Valenzuela hand crafted shoes stand out as one of the leading in fashion footwear in Central America . Taking inspiration from the timeless tradition of Mexico blended with the  spirit of Native America, Beatrice attributes her design aesthetic to many travels. Classic and timeless is felt with natural fibers that lend themselves into each design.